Seeds of Fire can work as a home-group study or a major community outreach project. If you are hosting a smaller event or simply want to watch these films yourself, you can get started today for the cost of a DVD and possibly a screening license.

For more involved projects, you might consider purchasing our guidebook for hosting a successful series.

Kindling a Healing Fire

Our guidebook will equip you to:

  • Gather and manage a planning team
  • Support your outreach through prayer
  • Count time, labor, and financial costs
  • Choosing an event format that best serves your goals
  • Promote your series to the wider community
  • Structure your events for maximum audience engagement
  • Develop related educational and discipleship opportunities
  • Connect to more in-depth training on sexuality-related issues

Your purchase also includes:

  • A hosted event page at ($100 value)
  • The use of graphics and logos for promotional literature
  • Access to design templates for event posters
  • Small-group discussion guides for each film
  • Help for setting up discussion panels
  • Assistance finding panelists and experts for your event
  • Free consultation for your event planning

Get your guide to hosting a Seeds of Fire Community Engagement today!

Buy your guide today!


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