Online Child Exploitation

Online predators and the dangers of youth culture.

Not Just Pictures

72 min | Documentary| August 2015 (USA)

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About the Film

Not Just Pictures explores a horrific issue that most people would rather not even think about: Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Sexual Abuse Images.  The Internet has radically changed how CSA images, commonly called child pornography images, are produced, reproduced and disseminated, resulting in a massive increase in their availability, accessibility, and volume. The production and dissemination of CSA images are now a multi-billion dollar industry that is one of the fastest growing businesses online. And the images shared become more brutal and graphic with each passing year.

Not Just Pictures gets its title from the defense of many collectors or producers of child pornography that “it is a victimless crime, since they are just pictures.”  In fact, all child pornography offenses, including possession of images, are extremely serious because they multiply the harm to the child and validate and normalize the sexual exploitation of children.  And, once an image is on the Internet, it’s impossible to eradicate all copies, making the harm to victim lifelong.

Not Just Pictures offers insight and hope for parents and guardians, as well as those on the front lines in this battle to find and rescue children, and find and incarcerate offenders.

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