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  • A hosted event page at ($100 value)
  • The use of graphics and logos for promotional literature
  • Access to design templates for event posters
  • Small-group discussion guides
  • Help with setting up discussion panels
  • Assistance finding panelists and experts for your event
  • Consultation for your event planning
Seeds of Fire is an outreach project of The Brushfires Foundation, a Christ-centered 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry.
All proceeds from the sale of these guides go directly to our mission to equip the Church to offer a compelling Christian response to the sexual brokenness of the world. 

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Seeds of Fire Community Engagement is a highly effective evangelistic tool for churches to strengthen Christian discipleship and encourage community outreach on difficult life issues.

The films we’ve included in this series uphold historic Christian teaching, while challenging the status quo presented by popular media and the wider culture. 

However, you don't need to do this on your own!

We've developed a guidebook to help you host a great film series.

Our guide will equip you to:

  • Manage a planning team
  • Support your outreach through prayer
  • Count time, labor, and financial costs
  • Choose an event format that best serves your goals
  • Promote your series to the wider community
  • Structure your events for maximum audience engagement
  • Develop related educational and discipleship opportunities
  • Connect to more in-depth training on sexuality-related issues

It's your very own road map for success!


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You can host a film series without purchasing a guidebook. We've designed this site to give you all the necessary information about screening licenses, supporting articles, and resource recommendations. 
However, individuals, churches, and other organizations developing a Seeds of Fire Community Engagement must substantially agree with and support our statements of belief. Those not holding similar beliefs on these issues are not authorized to use the Seeds of Fire name, logo, or promotional materials. Any films not featured on our website should not be identified with the Seeds of Fire outreach.