Our beliefs

Seeds of Fire equips Bible-believing people to move toward the wounded with tenderness and support, beginning in our own churches and moving outward to larger society. We recognize, however, that the Christian witness on sexuality has become bitterly divided in recent years. Our approach to these topics upholds and affirms historic Christian teaching.

Below are our core beliefs on a number of key topics addressed in this series.  These values, which have been approved by the Board of Directors of The Brushfires Foundation, are central to Seeds of Fire and the larger work of The Brushfires Foundation. 

Marriage and family

The family is the foundational unit of society and the cradle of faith for the next generation. We believe that the natural family of one man and one woman who are married for life is God’s ordained institution and the strongest family structure for the nurture of children. We support the protection of the natural family from all legal and social movements that would weaken it.


We affirm the dignity and worth of all human persons from conception to natural death, regardless of mental or physical capacity. We stand opposed to all movements that would diminish the value of any human life, whether pre-born, elderly, infirm, or those with developmental challenges. Further, we believe that reproductive technologies that create life outside of the natural family bond, treat human life as a commodity, or intentionally sever the parent-child relationship are morally and ethically problematic and ought to be opposed.

Sexual identity

We believe the truth of Genesis 1 and 2—as affirmed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 19—that God created humans in His image as male and female. Men and women are unique and complementary persons with inherent worth and dignity. We believe that men and women are equal in God’s eyes and that both bring necessary characteristics to relationships and the nurture of the family. We reject the idea that sexual attraction is the defining characteristic of a person. We further reject the notion that God created more than two genders and that gender exists independent of biological sex.

Sexual expression

We believe that sexuality is a gift from God to be carefully stewarded according to Scripture throughout one’s life. We also affirm that sexuality was designed by God for procreation, the bonding of spouses, and mutual delight, and is reserved for the sanctity of the marriage bed alone. We stand opposed to pre- and extra-marital sex, pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, highly sexualized media, and other expressions of sexuality that depart from God’s revealed will as recorded in Scripture.

Sexual brokenness

We believe that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). This includes an inherent brokenness in our sexuality. No one lives out their sexuality perfectly. Therefore, we cannot divide humanity into “us” and “them.” The community of “us” is incredibly powerful when we respond to—and offer to others—God’s promise of forgiveness and healing of sexual wounds through Christ. All of us are called to bring our sexuality under the redemption of the cross and the new life of the Holy Spirit.

Leading with compassion

We believe these screenings should never serve to condemn, but should clearly communicate God’s forgiveness for all who have fallen short in some way and God’s fervent desire that all people live in the freedom made available by Christ’s death on the cross.

Legal note

In order to to protect the integrity of this outreach and avoid confusion, individuals, churches, and other organizations developing a Seeds of Fire Community Engagement must substantially agree with and support our statements of belief as stated above. Those not holding similar beliefs on these issues are not authorized to use the Seeds of Fire name, logo, or promotional materials. Please contact us with any questions.