The Heart of the Matter

1h 16min | Documentary | 1 October 2014 (USA)

About the Film

The Heart of the Matter is the first documentary to give viewers an honest, complete portrait of what it means to be a Christian addicted to pornography and sex. This one-of-a-kind film brings hope to a subject typically shrouded in shame and silence. From first exposure to healing, you will witness both personal accounts and expert commentary on the devastating effects of pornography on one’s self-worth, family, and faith – but you will also experience the hope and joy of recovery.

Your heart will be opened and your faith elevated as you watch and share this film with your family, church and community.

Recommended Resources

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A whole-family sexual education series with helpful videos for parents from Concordia Publishing House.

The Heart of the Matter – Own the film today
Digital download and DVD versions available

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